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The Maid's Version
Brian Troxell is one of those audiobook narrators with a no-nonsense, all-American sort of voice; he projects mightily, but stops short of blaring. He sounds like a smart guy you might bump into at Home Depot, the autodidactic history buff who built his own deck. Troxell narrates a lot of nonfiction (and some hard-boiled crime fiction), and he's eminently suited to the crisp, straightforward presentation of information. So I wasn't quite prepared for the way Troxell's voice softens and twists around the Ozark cadences required by Daniel Woodrell's novel The Maid's Version.
— Laura Miller,

The Maid's Version
The writing is beautiful, however, and narrator Brian Troxell's interpretation, touched by a bit of an accent, is outstanding. His rendition of Alma, a maid townsfolk consider crazy who understands much about the explosion, is outstanding. Her pinched voice fits her curmudgeonly personality. Troxell renders other characters cleanly, and the plot does come together in the end. Troxell and author Daniel Woodrell keep listeners interested, if not fully comprehending, until then.
— AudioFile Magazine

Best Audiobooks of 2012 – Give Us a Kiss
Daniel Woodrell's hillbilly noir tale shows that blood is thicker than bong water. After catching his wife cheating on him, crime writer Doyle Redmond "borrows" her car and heads back home to the Ozark Mountains. He is immediately given a pistol by his father and recruited by his brother for a large marijuana deal, which doesn't end all that well. This story is a weird mixture of serious violence and belly laughs and has as close to a happy ending as Woodrell musters. Narrator Brian Troxell's reading is spot-on. A wild ride.
— Michael Rogers, Library Journal

Tomato Red
Brian Troxell is magical in his performance. He embraces a Midwestern twang so personable and appealing that we can't help but root for Sammy and his friends. Occasionally, a phrase might ring a little too quaint, but these moments pale in comparison to the rest of this audiobook. Between Troxell's mastery of the dialogue and accent and Woodrell's way with words and characters, this is irresistible.
— AudioFile Magazine

Ike's Bluff
Narrator Brian Troxell accentuates that sense of story, reading at a brisk but not hurried pace, giving the narration a slight, and appropriate, hint of tension. His understanding lends sentences their proper weight and appropriate expression, but his expressiveness doesn't divert attention to the performance; he promotes the listener's absorption in the text. His voice is strong, engaging, and easy to listen to.
— AudioFile Magazine